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January 25, 2019

This Lexington blues troupe is getting national attention in a really good way

This time two years ago they were gathering for their first practices as a band.

In the time since, Magnolia Boulevard, the Lexington blues rock troupe comprised of vocalist Maggie Noëlle, guitarist Gregg Erwin, keyboardist Ryan Allen, bassist John Roberts and drummer Todd Copeland have garnered the attention of, and been brought under the personal guidance of, PRS Guitars Founder and CEO Paul Reed Smith.

September 10, 2018

Scene & Heard: Magnolia Boulevard at the Burl

A creole of folk, bluegrass, funk and rock, Magnolia Boulevard serves up variety from song to song, but the sound of the band is its own, and even the blusier, funkier, slightly darker songs still make the crowd dance. The soul is obvious, and deep, and each instrument holds an equal place in the songs. Balanced. Some songs belt out a near Prince and the Revolution style funk, while others bemoan the deeply felt sorrow of blues. Then they slide funky-like into a jam-band piece that sends the vibe of the room into a frenzy.

September 05, 2018

Magnolia Boulevard, Taking the Music Scene by Storm

With the shows and festivals that Magnolia Boulevard has been tackling this last year, they shouldn’t have any issues expanding the fan base.  Once more people get a chance to experience what they are about, the music they make, and the sincerity with which they play, it wont be long before tickets will be hard to come by.

August 27, 2018

Blank Newspaper: Floydfest 18

One of the greatest aspects of FloydFest is the bountiful amount of undercard performers that play on numerous side stages. One such act that actually won a fan vote as best up-and-comer was Magnolia Boulevard out of Lexington, Kentucky. The bluesy five-piece ripped through an hour-long set at the Pink Floyd Garden Stage, led by frontwoman Maggie Noelle on vocals and guitars. Magnolia Boulevard was the first true under-the-radar find of the weekend, and it’s a band we look forward to hearing more of in the next year or so.

What makes Magnolia Boulevard so special? A tale of talent, humility and fate.

"I reached out for a comment from Mr. Smith and what I received back, put a big ole exclamation point on what my heart already knew. Paul Reed Smith said this about Magnolia Boulevard, 'Great band. So much fun to watch and listen to! I love who they are and who they will become.'"

May 25, 2018

Magnolia Boulevard Releases Eclectic New Single "Ride"

"This bright and sunny instrumentation matches the feel-good tone of the lyrics, which are all about living in the present and having the best time possible despite any obstacles. The song also conveys how love for one another turns any day into a good one: 'Believe me when I say we ain’t got money/ But we make love, it’s worth a whole lot more/ Boy we got it made.'"

May 21, 2018

'Something felt special from the first note' — Lexington band's first year ends in debut record

"What’s been a whirlwind year of opportunity and discovery for Magnolia Boulevard will become even more chaotic with the release of the band's debut, self-titled EP on May 25 with a celebratory show at The Burl."

Capture Kentucky

"As someone who has seen well over 1000 bands in my lifetime, I want to make a bold statement, the musicians in Magnolia Boulevard could outplay 90% of the bands that I’ve seen. It would be a higher percentage, but I’ve seen a lot of technical musicians. As for being soulful, I’d put them in my top 10, but it’s hard to move up that list because it includes folks like Anderson East, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Stapleton and Rival Sons."

Wick's Picks (audio)

Wick's Picks, hosted by Matt Wickstrom, features music, interviews and more from artists with various background and influences within Central Kentucky. This week's episode includes special guests Maggie Noelle, Gregg Erwin and Ryan Allen of Lexington rock/blues/funk/soul band Magnolia Boulevard.

January 29, 2018

2018 Lexington Music Award Winners

Best rock: Magnolia Boulevard

December 19, 2017

The nominees for the fourth annual Lexington Music Awards are...

July 26, 2017

A chance encounter and a leap of faith led to Magnolia Boulevard

​In the spring of 2016 Gregg Erwin moved to Lexington from Knoxville and began searching for like-minded musicians to perform with.

Soon, he stumbled upon a songwriter’s night nestled within the beer garden at Al’s Bar and decided to go, though he went armed only with an electric guitar, and he didn’t sing.

“A friend of mine in Richmond sent me a link to it,” Erwin said. “It’d been...

October 03, 2017

Appalachian artists shine at Kickin' it on the Creek

...up-and-coming group from Lexington in Magnolia Boulevard. The group, which formed earlier this year, was booked for the festival by Byron Roberts after he heard them sound check at a spring show at The Burl. The group mixes aspects of rock’n roll, blues, soul and funk into a one of a kind concoction...

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